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Unit Training

Personnel cannot get credit for viewing the unit training slides on their own. Personnel must be in a classroom environment and a sign-in sheet forwarded to Planning upon completion of the training. Training must be on the calendar and approved by operations and safety to receive credit for the course.


Use Google Chrome. The power points are actually .PDF files. When you sign into members only, click on unit training tab, press F11 to make the screen full size, open a unit training file, submenu at the bottom will open with file, click on box with four arrows(first) to make the screen accessible to run the .pdf in power point mode. Use the right or left arrow keys to toggle back in forth. F11 to go back to regular screen mode. X file tab at top to exit file to go back to menu listing of courses.

After-Action Review (AAR)


Brief Debrief


Callout Procedures


Child Safety

Crew Safety

Communications I

Communications II

Communications III

Confine Space Awareness


Critical Incident Stress Management

Critical Incident Stress Management - Awareness

Damage Assessment

Deaf Awaerness Basic Emergency Signs in ASL



Evidence Preservation

GPS Awareness


Handling Human Remains

Hazard Awareness ASTM F2890

Hazmat Awareness

Helicopter Handsignals


Helicopter Safety

Intro to Search and Rescue

K-9 Flanker

Lighting/Severe Weather

Medical Miranda Rights Policy

Meth Lab


Mountain Weather


MRA SAR for Team Leaders


Night Search


Orientation New Members Rev 1


Orientation Saftey Brief


OSHA Respiratory


Other Search Methods


Risk Assesments


SAR Documentation


SAR Standards


Search Tactics


Search Team Leaders


Search Techniques


Searcher Techniques


Security Operations


Situational Awareness


Structural Collapse Awareness

Structural Collapse Awareness


Suspension of Search




Traffic Safety Zones


Trench Awareness


Trench Rescue


Urban v Wilderness v Mountain


Vicarious Liability


Water Rescue Awareness


Water Rescue Awareness 1


Water Throw Bag


Wilderness Search


Wilderness Search and Rescue Awareness


Wilderness Survival Prepareness and Prevention


Wilderness Weather


Winter Weather


































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