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Our nation and the world are not the same as they were 50 years ago.  Natural disasters seem more prevalent and the possibility of terrorist activity has increased dramatically.  There is a real need for trained professionals that can respond to unfortunate events when they occur.  OSRT was formed to meet the challenges posed by our changing world.


OSRT is a volunteer unit formed to provide civil agencies with a rapid response organization that can react quickly when emergencies arise.  OSRT expects to provide its services mainly in the State of Ohio, but our articles of incorporation allow us to respond to national emergencies and emergencies in other states.


As a member of OSRT, you can expect to have access to the best training we can provide.  You will train and become certified by capable instructors.  Out first concern is for you and your safety.  Emergency service personnel face dangerous situations requiring high skill levels.  You will be trained to save lives while learning how to keep yourself from becoming a victim.


OSRT was formed and is led by a group of men and women with many years of combined experience in providing emergency services. OSRT leaders include, but are not limited to former military personnel, corporate managers, police and corrections officers, paramedics, search and rescue professionals, and emergency medical technicians.



The Ohio Special Response Team Inc. (OSRT) is a broad based response unit able to respond to a variety of emergencies and disasters in support of civil authorities. Possessing a range of skills increases the value and versatility of the unit to civil authorities.  Members of the unit are trained and certified to rigid standards in a number of skills to assure they can accomplish assigned task(s).

Mission Statement


  • To support local, state and federal authorities in the event of natural and/or man-made disasters or emergencies.

  • To provide assistance to authorities relating to non-disaster situations and/or incidents.

  • To conduct training programs on subjects related to emergency response incidents and/or situations.

  • To offer educational opportunities to the general public relating to the mission of the organization.

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