Unit Locations

We have 8 units throughout the state of Ohio where you can meet and train, with new units forming all the time. Most units meet and train together monthly. All units of the Ohio Special Response Team (OSRT) get together for Field Training Exercises (FTX), specialized training, fundraising, and other events.

Commander Elvin Burnell
597 Park Ave. East
Mansfield, OH 44905


Unit 1
Richland County
Cpt. Tim Durbin

Mansfield, OH 


Unit 2
Wyandot County
Cpt.Cletus Payne

Harpster, OH 

Unit 3
Stark County
Cpt. Alan Plastow

Canton, OH 

Unit 4
Warren County
Cpt. Charles Wright

Waynesville, OH 

Unit 5
Jackson County

Jackson, OH

Unit 6
Delaware County
Cpt. Thomas Bain


Delaware, OH 

Unit 7
Medina County
Cpt. William Ryan


Medina, OH


  • "WE DO NOT SELF DEPLOY. We only respond to emergencies when contacted to do so by an official with the authority having jurisdiction of the emergency,  (OEMA/Local  County EMA, Sheriff, Local Police and/or Fire Chief,)

  • Emergency Deployment Request Contact Information:

  1. Brian Bazley-Operations Chief-419-565-2218, osrtops@gmail.com;

  2. Elvin Burnell-Commander-419-512-3709,  ewburnell@embarqmail.com;

  3. Dennis Breen-Planning Chief-419-564-3505, dhbreen2015@gmail.com

  • Official E-Mail/Physical Address:                                                         osrtinc@yahoo.com;  597 Park Avenue East Rd. Mansfield, OH 44905​