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OSRT is capable of responding to a wide variety of events that include natural and man-made disasters, terrorism, search and rescue, and many others.  In order to provide the necessary skills for these events, members constantly train in many disciplines.

First Aid  CPR & AED
FEMA ICS courses
Lost Person Behavior
UAS Support
Wilderness Search & Rescue
IA Damage Assessment

In addition to the basic search rescue skills, technical teams also train in special operations such as canine handlers, operations, UAS Operations, Low Angle Rope, SARTECH II (Search Technician), and Incident Command Management.

Not all OSRT members will train in all disciplines.  There will be physical limitations that preclude some types of training for some members.  There are also limitations on the number of members needed for certain skills.  Your supervisor will work with each team member to further enhance your natural skills and strengths further strengthen the team.

Low Angle Rope
Security Operations
Traffic Control
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