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Search & Rescue Experts Help Boy Scouts with SAR Merit Badge

The Ohio Special Response Search & Rescue Team (OSRT) linked up with over 70 Boy Scouts to provide guidance & instruction in their Search & Rescue Merit Badge Program.

This unique hands-on program took place at Camp Otter Run, South of East Liberty, Ohio. Scouts were introduced to techniques for locating lost individuals, rope rescue methodology - including rigging systems and stoke stretcher work, search dog demonstrations, rapid/hasty search techniques, and basic Incident Command System Operations (ICS).

The search & rescue merit badge is a critical accomplishment on the trail to the coveted Eagle qualification. Members of the Ohio Special Response Search & Rescue Team were honored to assist the Scouts in their efforts.

OSRT is Ohio's premier 501(c)3 volunteer Search And Rescue Team, fully qualified through ASTM 2809, FEMA, NASAR, MRA, and others. For information on becoming part of the most qualified team in the state, visit:

Caution: OSRT is serious about our trade. We only accept volunteers who are willing to fully focus on becoming the most qualified - safest - team. While we DO try to keep your costs down, you will occasionally find yourself investing in quality rescue gear. (We'll guide you.) As compensation, a majority of your training will cost you nothing but your time.

What did you do last weekend? We trained to conduct successful searches for individuals lost in Ohio local or state park systems as well as other forested &/or urban landscapes.

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