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Lowe's Donates Vital New Generators to Ohio Search and Rescue Team

The Ohio Special Response Team is extremely grateful to Manager Wendy Robertson of Lowe's, in Mount Vernon, Ohio for the donation of two 5,000 Watt Craftsman Generators. These units, replacing old nonfunctional generators, are already critical to the operation of our Search and Rescue Command and Communications trailers. Each trailer contains computers, used to track searchers and K-9s; TV screens to monitor tracks on topographic maps; wireless hot spots, digital radio transmission/receivers for communications with teams in the field; and portable heaters, all of which require a significant power source to actively operate during an organized event in the field.

The volunteer search and rescue units of the Ohio Special Response Team are unique in Ohio. Each unit can deliver well-trained, nationally credentialed, search personnel and talented K-9s to a site within an hour or two of an alert. Frequently, to support and direct those searchers, one of the team’s two Command and Communications trailers can be on site within a couple hours.

The generators donated by Lowe's play a crucial role in delivering search and rescue services to Ohio law enforcement, fire departments, and the families of missing individuals.


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