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OSRT Captain, Tim Durbin, delivers life-saving CPR on a moving toboggan!

Tim Durbin is an OSRT Captain, Red Cross CPR Instructor, and a member of the SNOW TRAILS Ski Patrol. At a recent Snow Trails BIG AIR event, Tim Durbin applied CPR compressions with a team on a newly adopted code to give CPR on a toboggan. The team safely guided the toboggan to the bottom of the hill and the man was brought back to life in the emergency vehicle thanks to Tim Durbin's amount of focus and deliverance of the protocol. Treated at the Mansfield MedCentral hospital by Dr. Brown, the individual made a full recovery.

The skills and abilities we obtain as members of the Ohio Special Response Team couple with an enormous range of other services we deliver to business and industry throughout the state. First Aid, CPD, and AED are core competencies at OSRT, but the abilities to focus and deliver under pressure only come through constant practice. We salute Tim for his accomplishments.


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